Buller's shearwater survey - Poor Knights Islands 

The objective of this study during 2016-2017 breeding season is to investigate Buller’s shearwater populations and breeding biology at the Poor Knights Islands. This will be achieved by using controlled site burrow checks, acoustic surveys and population models. The results of this survey will feed into a larger project (to be funded separately) that investigates the foraging behaviour of Buller’s shearwaters throughout their range.  The Trust is also working on a related project, a small contract through DOC’s Conservation Services Programme; a preliminary investigation of indirect effects of fishing on seabirds (Procellariiform seabirds) drawing on observations made at sea in northern NZ waters from 2006 to the present.

Download our 'Magical island's natural secrets revealed' report from field work to date (5-17 December 2016)

Night-vision footage was made using a Bushnell Equinox z hand-held camera (incoming birds) and a Bushnell fixed trail camera at one of the permanent study plots. Audio is from recordings made during this survey on Tawhiti Rahi and previous acoustic work on Aorangi.  Note the times at the bottom of the screen - birds are mostly silent when flying onto the island, then get progressively more vocal through the night; very vocal just prior to departing dawn around 5AM!