Visit a seabird colony

Field trips - nocturnal petrels


Every month (April to December) we conduct an evening petrel catching and banding (ringing) session at Tawaharanui Open Sanctuary. If you are interested in joining us and learning about seabirds then please contact us - reserve a place early as spaces are limited.

We also hold working days as part of our seabird restoration projects - building and installing nest boxes, setting up acoustic (playback) attraction systems, and planting trees and shrubs. These are fun days in some fabulous places.

Field trips - seabird surveys


Throughout the year we are conducting seabird surveys. It could be looking for penguins on islands or along mainland coasts, petrel burrows on forested headlands, or counting birds on nests in gull and tern colonies. We're always looking for volunteers. If you enjoy a good scramble in some beautiful locations, as well as learning about seabirds, then please contact us.