About us


Our mission is simple; to support seabird research and conservation throughout northern New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands through innovative conservation strategies and engaging diverse communities.

Biological diversity underpins functioning and the provision of ecosystems services essential for human well-being. It provides for food security, human health, the provision of clean air and water, it contributes to local livelihoods, and economic development.


As top predators in the marine food chain, seabirds are a crucial component in the marine ecosystems by acting as links between land and the sea.  Seabirds are ranked by the IUCN as the world’s more threatened bird grouping. Threats to seabirds here in New Zealand include: introduced predators, modification of seabird breeding habitat, marine pollutions, overfishing and by-catch. Given these threats it is today more important than ever before that we manage to protect these species before it is too late.


The northern seabird trust was established in 2014 to:

  1. promote, support and carry out the conservation of seabirds of northern New Zealand,

  2. encourage, aid and assist restoration projects relating to seabirds,

  3. promote cultural and Maori values for seabirds and kaitiakitanga.


The Trust has been established as a Charitable Trust with a Board of five to seven trustees. The Trust also enjoys the support of two Patrons


The trustees include some clever folks with business, legal and board experience  and people who have specific interest and knowledge of seabird conservation.


The trustees are supported by an Advisory Group of seabird researchers and undertakes to liaise with Iwi/Tangata Whenua, NZ and local government agencies, institutions, NGOs and community groups as appropriate.