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Threats to Seabirds of Northern Aotearoa New Zealand

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The Northern New Zealand Seabird Trust, with lead author Edin Whitehead and a team of regional seabird experts has produced a review of threats to seabirds in northern Aotearoa, drawing on both regional and international literature. Broadly, threats are categorised into several topic groups: Invasive species, fisheries, pollution, climate change, disease, and direct human impacts (disturbance, coastal development). The review identifies knowledge gaps regarding both threats to seabirds and the biology of seabird species that need addressing, but also highlights the need for rapid action to mitigate threats. This is a template that could be adopted by groups elsewhere in New Zealand and overseas for protecting and enhancing seabird populations. 


The authors of the report are Edin Whitehead (University of Auckland) with Nigel Adams (Unitec Institute of Technology), Karen Baird (Forest & Bird/BirdLife international, NNZST), Biz Bell (Wildlife Management International Ltd.), Stephanie Borrelle (NNZST, Ocean Conservancy/University of Toronto & University of Georgia), Brendon Dunphy (University of Auckland), Chris Gaskin (NNZST), Todd Landers (Auckland Council), Matt Rayner (Auckland Museum) & James Russell (University of Auckland).


Read the full report here

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