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Ngā manu moana – Ngā hēteri o te moana

Seabirds – Our Ocean’s Sentinels

Our oceans are under immense pressure from climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing and sedimentation. To understand these impacts – and figure out how to address them – we can look to seabirds to guide us. Seabirds provide a vital link between the ocean and land. Their position at or near the top of most marine food chains makes many seabirds powerful sentinels for monitoring changes within marine ecosystems.


Aotearoa is the ‘seabird capital of the world’ and northern New Zealand, including the Hauraki Gulf, is a hotspot for seabird diversity. However, many people aren’t aware of this incredible wildlife that lives on their doorstep.


Our proposal is an integrated work programme designed to empower and educate communities while deepening our understanding of seabirds and the marine ecosystems they inhabit. It spans four areas and will be delivered by a partnership of organisations.

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