Trustee Steph Borrelle hands in her PhD thesis. So much hard work - a valuable resource once fully published! Her research investigated the resilience of Procellariiform species (burrowing petrels, shearwaters and albatrosses), to multiple marine based threats, such as plastic pollution, climate change, and commercial fisheries. 
Hauraki Gulf Seminar - TAKING FLIGHT - 2017
Our collaboration with the Hauraki Gulf Forum and Auckland Museum to run a seabird-focussed seminar was a stunning success, overcoming early concerns that such a format might weaken what had been a successful series.
For more (including links to each of the presentations) click here
A light-hearted remark takes flight!
Chris's light-hearted suggestion about changing our national bird made towards the end of his Seminar presentation ‘Seabirds – should we care?’ was picked up by a reporter (Fairfax Media's James Palsey) causing much beating of wings as the story rippled through the media. Read more...  
It has been our pleasure to have Abby McBride - Fullbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow - join us on several of our field trips.
Check out her page on the National Geographic Society Voices website
Magical island's natural secrets revealed
Read a report on our field team's December survey for Buller's shearwaters on Tawhiti Rahi, Poor Knights Islands.
Trustee Steph Borrelle writes about "Influences on seabird recovery post-eradication" - pre-press version of Oryx article available here 
Trustee Chris Gaskin talks about Kermadec seabirds
See a video interview on NZ Geographic's website
one of a series on the Kermadecs; featuring stunning photography and video by Richie Robinson.

Island transformation

Trustee Chris Gaskin joins colleagues from Auckland Museum, University of Auckland and Auckland Council for a research trip to Burgess Island 27 Sept - 6 Oct 2016.


Our wonderful patron and seabird legend John Croxall and Trustee Steph Borrelle showing off our new T shirts at the International Albatross & Petrels Conference (IAPC) 2016 in Barcelona.

Trustee Chris Gaskin - Seabirds at the Crossroads Pavilion Session at the IUCN World Congress 2016 
Trustee Tony Dunlop visits Motu Kokako (Bay of Islands) with a survey team from the Motu Kokako Ahu Whenua Trust.
Read about the visit
Trustee Chris Gaskin sees a miracle in seabirds' first year - article in the Hauraki Gulf Journal (published Monday 12 Sept 2016)
Chris Gaskin sees a miracle in seabirds’ first year
Trustee Steph Borrelle in full flight - an interview on RNZ National Radio with Jesse Mulligan

"Fascinating facts about NZ seabirds"

This story was broadcast on Monday 20 June 2016

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