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Blog - our E-News

From its inception, the Seabird Trust has been committed to supporting promising seabird scientists through providing assistance with fieldwork and funding, and opportunities to broaden their experience through involvement in other projects and with our own research programmes. 


There are benefits for all parties: exemplified by the newest member of the Seabird Trust ‘team’,  Edin Whitehead. Besides her boundless enthusiasm, capabilities and dedication to studies both in the field and in the lab, Edin is a very accomplished photographer. 

E-News will be a series of blog pieces that Edin will prepare for the Seabird Trust. Initially supplemented by blogs that she writes for her own website. She has completed her Masters degree at University of Auckland, is gathering photographs for a book on New Zealand birds, and looking forward to starting a PhD in the new year.



E is for Excellence, Enthusiasm and Energy  


is for Edin in her Element

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