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International Connections

The Seabird Trust has developed specialist tools and expertise that are being applied to projects overseas, working with in-country partners and in collaboration with other experts.

Net guns 

For example, we have pioneered and developed at-sea capture methods of Procellariiforms which led the discovery of the NZ storm petrel breeding on Te Hauturu-o-Toi (Little Barrier Island). Net guns we’ve developed have since been applied to the discovery of a new species, Pincoya Storm Petrel, Chile, first tracking of a highly threatened species, Beck’s Petrel, Papua New Guinea, study of the ecology of the White-vented Storm Petrel, Galapagos, Ecuador, the first at-sea captures of Black-capped Petrel, Gulf Stream waters, USA, and most recently Balearic shearwaters on the Atlantic coast of France for tracking and physiological research.



In Samoa we are working with the Samoa Conservation Society, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) and Secretariat for the Pacific Environment Programme (SPREP) to conduct island seabird surveys and at sea surveys.

Read Chris's post (30 Oct 2022) about our survey of the Aleipata Islands here

Fregetta lineata.jpg

Pacific Seabird Action Plan

Chris Gaskin is co-author of a seabird action plan (with BirdLife International) for the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

Cover PIRMSP-digital-small_Page_001.jpg

Beck's Petrel 

A video of the successful Beck’s petrel 2017 expedition is available for viewing




The results were published in Bird Conservation International                                                          

Beck's Petrel, off New Iralnd, Bismark, PNG, August 2007_Hadoram Shirihai© resize.jpg

New Caledonia 

We are working with the fledgling NGO Birds Conservation New Caledonia with the searches for the breeding sites of the New Caledonia storm petrel, and determining taxonomic status requiring captures and birds in the hand.  














Photos of Beck's Petrel and New Caledonia storm petrel on this page have been kindly provided by Hadoram Shirihai ©

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Fregetta (Thalassidroma) lineata, SW off Noumea, New Caledonia, Jan 2020_Tubenoses Project
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