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Shearwaters & prions, Hauraki Gulf. Photo: Edin Whitehead

Seabirds fly under most people's radar - even at governmental level - despite Aotearoa New Zealand having an extraordinary diversity of species including a host of endemics (species that breed nowhere else) - seven more times than anywhere else in the world! 


At this one day seminar we will present the initial results from our research into using seabirds to measure the health of the Hauraki Gulf. Speakers will also highlight threats to seabirds, a seabird restoration initiative working with community groups, and a new website to promote seabird research for the region. The website will include interactive features including up-to-date information on our precious seabird taonga. These research and education projects are the work of the Seabird Trust, University of Auckland, DOC's Conservation Services Programme, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Council and Birds New Zealand, with funding support from Foundation North's G.I.F.T Initiative. 


For the full programme click on the following link:

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